Bureau Beke

About Beke

Bureau Beke is a medium-sized bureau, situated in Arnhem, the Netherlands and has existed since 1987. Our key duties are in the areas of crime and safety. In these areas we are specializing in advising and supporting policy decisions. In actual practice this often results in a combination of research and project activities. As well as performing scientific research, we actively participate in the development and execution of projects. The evaluation of the effects of executed policy, belongs to our sphere of activity as well.
During the research and project activities, Bureau Beke provides optimum support to her clients at the publicity profiling of the policy. Among other things this is done by giving lectures, placing articles in scientific journals and qualified specialist journals and advising on an efficient communication strategy.

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Turfstraat 1 6811 HL Arnhem T 026 4438619 info@beke.nl